Honoring Betsy Newell

On Wednesday May 10th, former Board Chair Betsy Newell was honored at The James Burden Mansion for her service to Goddard Riverside and the community. Friends and associates enjoyed champagne and hors d'oeuvres and were treated to a video presentation about Betsy's life and work. The evening also served to introduce The Betsy Newell Fund for Older Adults. Contributions to the fund may be made here

Dale Birch and Betsy Newell

Maureen Golden, Stanley Heckman and
Susan Richman

Sabin Danziger, Sheila Kendrick and Rich Kendrick

Cia Moss, Patti Horstmann,Jack Geary,
Dolly Geary and Lydia Marshall

Rod Jones and Jane Zenker

William Lee, Betsy Newell and Julie Kim

Shailini Rao and husband Ken Kitkowski

Dan Siff and Betsy Newell

Peter Cary, Virginia Cary, Beth Wohl and David Chalfin

Susan Matloff-Nieves, Terri Gillis and
Elizabeth Lubetkin Lipton

Susan Richman and Page Edmunds

Marcia Mason, Karlene Clark, Rebecca Torres,
Susan Matloff-Nieves and Kaitlin Nelson