Homeless Outreach

Goddard Riverside has been a pioneer in homeless services since the 1970s. We were among the first organizations to establish outreach teams to seek out and help homeless people on the streets. Now Goddard Riverside continues to lead as the head of the Manhattan Outreach Consortium (MOC), a multiagency effort responsible for outreach and housing throughout Manhattan.

Goddard Riverside established the MOC in 2007 to bring all city-funded street outreach work under one umbrella. The consortium includes the Center for Urban Community Services and Breaking Ground. Each agency handles outreach in its home community, where it has the deepest roots and strongest institutional knowledge.

In addition, Goddard Riverside is responsible for a Special Initiative team and night and weekend outreach for the entire borough. We also handle all Manhattan-bound calls and messages from the city's 311 system, a major point of contact for New Yorkers who want to report someone on the street in need of help.

Goddard Riverside teams are out around Manhattan 24/7. These trained specialists devote months and often years to developing trusting relationships with homeless people. The teams connect people in need of services such as medical and psychiatric care, food and shelter, while helping them transition into permanent housing—often into Goddard Riverside's supportive housing facilities.

This model has proved highly effective. Since late 2007, the MOC has placed more than 1,500 formerly homeless adults in permanent housing.