Goddard Riverside Law Project

The Goddard Riverside Law Project was founded in 1981 to provide free legal services and tenant organizing assistance to low-income residents of single resident occupancy (SRO) buildings on Manhattan’s West Side. Preservation of SRO housing is essential because it is often the only housing available for some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

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Goddard Riverside Law Project clients at rent rally

The Goddard Riverside Law Project represents SRO and some apartment tenants in eviction proceedings, preventing the illegal conversion of SRO buildings, protecting the rights of tenants and helping to better their living conditions.

The Goddard Riverside Law Project helps tenants solve many housing-related problems, including rent overcharge, harassment, illegal construction, lack of heat and hot water, and other poor building conditions. Owners often employ these as “emptying tactics” in order to convert their buildings to more profitable luxury, tourist or student use.

Today, the Project serves individuals and families through:

  • Free legal representation in non-payment, holdover, and HP proceedings in Housing Court for SRO tenants living on the West Side of Manhattan from 14th Street to the top of Manhattan and apartment tenants living between 100-110th Streets from Broadway to Central Park West;
  • Tenant organizing and legal advocacy for individuals and groups of tenants concerning their rights;
  • Developing tenant leadership and providing support to individuals and groups of tenants in advocating before elected officials and administrative and legislative bodies;
  • Assists tenants with identifying and securing benefits;
  • Screens tenants for consumer debt-related issues.

Goddard Riverside Law Project: Resources

Learn about the rights you have as an SRO tenant. Download materials here.

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Shafaq Islam
Phone: (212) 799-9638
Address: 51 West 109 Street
New York, NY 10025

Intake hours: Thursdays, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

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