2017 Book Fair Gala

Honoree David Cully speaks after accepting his award. Special Guest Honoree Mary Higgins Clark arrives with her husband, John Conheeney.

Judges of our inaugural Book Prize and representatives for the winning book: Douglas Bauer, executive director of The Clark Foundation; Tara Grove, education editor at The New Press; Dr. Roderick L. Jones, executive director of Goddard Riverside; Michael Zisser, recently retired CEO of University Settlement and The Door; Ellen Adler, publisher at The New Press; Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winner.

 Goddard Riverside Executive Director Dr. Roderick L. Jones kicks off the festivities.
Josh Marwell of HarperCollins announces the book prize winner.
Goddard Riverside Board members David and Alina Casner, Betsy Newell, Sabin Danziger, Fern Khan, and Board President Chris Auguste.
Former Options Center student Sabrina Lopez, who now works in publishing, talks about how Goddard Riverside shaped her life and education.
Miss New York, Gabrielle Walter, with Goddard Riverside Executive Director Roderick L. Jones.