Day Care and Head Start

A Place to Start

Goddard Riverside offers four Early Childhood Education programs:

A Head Start center on West 95th Street
Three Day Care centers:

  • 114 West 91st Street (dually eligible: Head Start/Day Care)
  • 128 West 83rd Street
  • 243 W 64th Street

Each center uses the Creative Curriculum as a foundation for classroom activities that promote intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth through hands-on exploration of science, nature and art. The shared curriculum fosters collaboration between our Day Care centers and Head Start program. The children also benefit from Goddard Riverside's partnerships with local museums, schools, and social service and health organizations such as Cool Culture.

Goddard Riverside believes parents or guardians are the most important influence on a child's development. Our staff assists parents by providing support, information and referrals. Parents volunteer in the classrooms, serve on program committees, attend workshops and participate in activities.