Our NORCs (Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities) offer on-site services to help older adults live safely at home for as long as possible. The Lincoln Square NORC serves residents of the Amsterdam Houses, Amsterdam Addition and Lincoln Amsterdam House, most of whom have lived there for more than 30 years. The West Side NORC is located in three neighboring affordable housing cooperatives in the area of Columbus Avenue and 94th Street.

Social workers at each NORC provide case management and health care information, plus classes, social activities and trips. An advisory committee of residents contributes to program development.

The NORC model emerged in the mid-1980s to provide support to people aging in place along with their neighbors. NORCs tap into the combined power of public and private funding, housing partnerships, philanthropies, corporations, community stakeholders and residents to offer the services tenants need. Without this support, many older adults would have to move into assisted living or nursing home facilities before it's necessary.


  • case management and assistance 
  • health management and assistance 
  • nurse checkups 
  • support groups 
  • help applying for and maintaining benefits 
  • movies 
  • social activities 
  • exercise classes 
  • current events discussion group 
  • live entertainment 
  • multigenerational events 
  • nutrition education 
  • holiday events 
  • educational workshops