Family Council

The Goddard Riverside Family Council is a forum for advocacy and community education on local, state, and federal budget and policy issues of concern to our community. Meetings and activities are open to all staff and community members. Specific advocacy work and campaigns are strictly non-partisan.

At regular community meetings and forums, members organize activities to keep policymakers aware of citizens' views. These activities include:

  • non-partisan voter registration/get-out-the-vote campaigns
  • rallies and demonstrations
  • trips to Washington DC, Albany, NY and City Hall
  • community forums with local elected officials
  • testimony before legislative bodies
  • letter writing campaigns

Staff and participants within individual program areas at Goddard Riverside work to identify specific issues affecting our community and seek ways to address them.  

The Family Council collaborates with other organizations to target such issues as:

  • funding for human service programs
  • affordable housing, rent and eviction protections
  • entitlements (Social, Security, Medicare, and Medicaid)
  • public school governance and funding
  • healthcare and mental health

To get involved, please see our resource factsheets and links for information on current activities and upcoming events.